Decided to bring out the brushes and play. Voila! A leafy sea dragon

Oh the things we do when we’re bored. It’s byootipyul, @chloechotrani ❤️thank you! #MehndiPatterns

Doodle noodle poodle

Stay in saturdays. Tea x Erykah badu x painting in bed.

Hola beach bums!☀ feast your eyes on these babies! Found these origami whaleshark earrings at the #SavePhilippineSeas festival last week! #OrigKami support #filipinocraftsmanship


i think life is about listening to music that gives you goosebumps, closing your eyes & letting the sun shine on your face, recognising the smell of grass and rain soaked asphalt and your mum’s perfume, wrapping your arms around people and burying them into your chest until they’re only breathing in love, seeing new places and learning new things. really, learning and learning and learning until you don’t feel like judging anyone for anything.


Calling all art lovers + hippie merfolk: 

Save Philippine Seas is hosting an Art Shack at the saltiest event bound to hit Manila: our very own Seatizen’s Festival 2013 (@ the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, QC). Yes, you heard it right: less shark attack and more art attack! Drown yourselves in an ocean of sea-foam greens and aquamarines, as we bring you waves of sea-inspired art creations lovingly made by our roster of heart-picked artists (which includes yours truly and fellow SPS mermaid, Wiji Lacsamana).

SO if surf, sand, and sea (and all things fishy) is totally your thing, come drop by and let’s party—like mermaids underwater. :)

—20% of the proceeds will go directly to our passion-project funds to save our seas. For more details about our upcoming anniversary event, kindly visit our FB Page or follow us on tumblr
So don’t forget to SAVE-THE-DATE: Sunday—September 15, 2013!
(Poster Art by yours truly.)

catch BOHEME at the SEATIZEN’S FESTIVAL, ladies and gents! 

Boheme’s Save Philippine Seas Feature


Save Philippine Seas is setting up an Art Shack, so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of our underwater paradise—on land!

Surf through a sea of art as we bring you an ocean of good vibes. Meet some of the artists who’ve spent their precious time working on love-made pieces to bring you the best of the blues. 


Caprice Patawaran’s Boheme Dream Catchers are lovemade. Each handcrafted ornament truly reflects this creative’s penchant for all things natural, as well as her exhaustive concern for the earth: Boheme Dream Catchers are byproducts of upcycled materials. Take a closer look and you’ll find beads from broken necklaces, twigs, twine from old packages, and whatever else she considers to be ecologically ingenious. Although the concept of Dream Catchers may be a bit foreign to the common Filipino, Caprice has managed to inject a bit of Pinoy flavor into her rustic creations by using 100% locally sourced materials. 

She strongly believes that those with a passion to make art should use their gifts as a channel to drive people towards supporting a good cause like Save Philippine Seas! Why so? 

Because it’s possible. Because they can. Because it’s a brilliant excuse to continue making art.

SPS: What is most beautiful under the sea? 
Caprice: Everything. Its very existence fuels our curiosity—enough to sway the human soul to want to grow gills and live in it. There’s so much more in that stunning deep blue that’s just waiting to be discovered. 
SPS: Do mermaids exist?
Caprice: Although there isn’t any proof to support their existence, I’d like to believe
that they do. I’ve always dreamt of becoming one of these beautiful creatures after all. 
Call her a digital artist who loves to juxtapose: Ivy Pangilinan purposely combines elements that don’t naturally go together. The prints that she’ll be displaying at the festival exhibit a sharp geometric style that totally contrasts the soft, flowing sensibilities of her subject matter: the ocean. 
SPS: What is most beautiful under the sea?
Ivy: The life it sustains and the evolutionary wonders that dwell in its waters. Knowing that we’ve explored less than 5% of the ocean is simply mind-blowing! Just imagine the scope of beauty unknown to us. 
SPS: Do mermaids exist?
Ivy: I’d like to believe they do!
Once upon a time, this beatnik group of illustrators (all part of Ang INK: Illustrador ng  Kabataan) combined their peculiar styles to create an aesthetic with a category of its own. They’re basically a group of friends who get restless when they run out of things to make. Meet theSpeculiars. From ceramics to moustaches: they’re a one-stop shop for all things quirky and hand-made!
To them, art is none but an agent of inspiration: it’s a privilege to be able to to move others out of the sheer ability to imagine and create.
SPS: What is most beautiful under the sea?
Angela and Pergy: The colors and patterns.
Lori: Nudibranches! They’re weird and cute at the same time!
Yas: The habitat.
Fran: I love the fact that the ocean floor looks like a vast, surreal garden when you first dive into the deep!
SPS: Do mermaids exist?
Speculiars: Yes they do! Who else takes care of all the underwater gardens, or takes the fish out for a walk—or swim? 
Curious yet?
Don’t forget to swim by…Things are going to get real fishy!

(c) Patricia Gomez

(Source: abiotic)

Beautiful people do not just happen

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

-Elizabeth Kubler Ross

BOHEME’s New 2013 Logo

Boheme dream catchers are hand crafted with love and the utmost care. Although the concept of a Dream Catcher is of foreign origin, we’ve taken that concept and made it our own by proudly using locally sourced materials only and this allows us to embrace our local roots.

Each piece carries with it an essence of Mother Earth as its design elements have been inspired by nature. 

Lastly, Boheme strongly believes in taking care of this beautiful world we live in so we do what we can to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Take a closer look at each Boheme Dream Catcher and you will find old jewelry pieces, beads from broken necklaces and twine from old packages. 

the practice of individualistic, unconventional, and relaxed conduct, of ten in an artistic context, expressing disregard for or opposition to ordinary conventions. — bohemian, n., adj.


If you want a piece of your own handmade treasure, feel free to browse through Boheme’s FB page. Thank you! :)


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